Managing your strata property is as important as constructing or acquiring it. However, many owners don’t fully understand the management role in their strata properties. While there are similarities between strata management and building management, it’s essential to know the role of strata services Sydney in maintaining your strata property, responding to emergencies, and what they’re not required to try to under the law.

Strata Managers and Their Work

A strata manager is responsible for the strata property’s daily operations. It requires the careful and accurate establishment of a management unit to ensure that the property is kept in good condition. The strata managers seamlessly control, manage, maintain, and administrate the property. It ensures that the property is kept in good condition and all the faults are being addressed immediately and efficiently.

Responsibilities of a Strata Manager

A strata manager looks after the property’s operations. The owners can choose one or more managers counting on the property’s size and complexity. Strata managers put systems and structures in good condition to meet the regulations and ensure that people living or working in the property get a good environment.

The owners of the strata properties establish a contractual relationship with the strata managers with a transparent set of duties and responsibilities. Since a strata manager is liable for multiple properties owned by different people, it might be virtually impossible for everyone to spotlight what they want the manager to try for them. The strata manager’s responsibilities got to be clearly outlined to the owners to avoid confusion, misunderstandings, shifting blame, or property disputes.

However, when you hire a strata managing company, they allocate a manager, especially for your property. In this way, the manager will be able to provide better management. As your property will be the only one they would be managing, they will keep it in the best condition.

These strata managers offer general advice on property management and, depending upon the contract, could also be re-energised with the below duties and responsibilities:


General Property Maintenance

Strata services Wollongong involves working towards maintaining a relaxing stay for strata residents. In many cases, owners find it challenging to differentiate between similar properties, making it challenging to allocate maintenance responsibilities. The strata manager can provide clarity here about the building’s scheme.

The strata manager collects quotes for different repair works, and with the owner’s corporation approval, they hire gardeners, cleaners, and builders to take care of the common areas. The managers are the primary point of contact when repairs arise. Counting on the contract and directions given by the owners, a strata manager can approve minor repairs and maintenance decisions without the prior approval of the owner.

Update and Maintenance

While the owner is the actual custodian of the property’s records, most owners delegate this responsibility to strata managers. The following are the few things they maintain and keep a record of.

Update and Maintenance

  • Notices and sees after all the meetings of the owners
  • Check all sent or received correspondences
  • Proves and records submitted to the strata corporation
  • The time of the corporation’s meetings, motions, and agendas to be discussed and passed

Financial management

Like any other business, the strata property maintains financial records, including tax returns, utility payments, salaries and wages, and more. These financial obligations are associated with individual units. Therefore, the owners allocate funds to such activities under the executive fund and capital works fund. The capital works fund finances future capital expenditures while the executive fund manages the running costs.

The strata manager prepares and submits a comprehensive budget to the owner for review and approval. The management also ensures that outstanding bills and debts are taken care of, including insurance premiums and levies.

Setting and Administering An Owner’s Meetings

A strata manager is responsible for speaking with the enterprise on a few matters, including property protection, support of the relative multitude of standard regions, and notification for meetings. The administrator can likewise deal with protection matters, from sourcing inexpensive covers to paying expenses and documenting claims.

Ensure Safety Compliance

Australian strata constitutions apply to all strata complexes no matter the dimensions, location, and use. Owners must meet the set laws and regulations concerning lifts, fire safety, and parking and shared spaces regulations.


Sydney strata specialists make sure that your strata property suits the respective laws and regulations. The strata management also makes sure that all facilities are functioning properly.

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